Naitik ra Artik Kranti

Emergency Relief

Emergency supplies distributed

4 DLWAfter the success  of  Youth Volunteers Nepal which was BPF’s first attempt at improving the lives of Nepali villagers,   Barbara and her team decided to turn their attention to the Far West of Nepal  and its desperately poor,  historically marginalized  dalit communities.   (Dalits are at the bottom of the Hindu caste system and have been ignored,  neglected,  and even despised over the years,  especially in the West, where  Nepal’s  recent attention to democracy,  inclusiveness and equal opportunity has not yet been experienced by most dalits.)

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Building houses

IMG_3038After our distribution of goods to the community in Baitadi we decided we had to do something more.  It was imperative that the community be provided with basic secure homes to protect them from the freezing winters and the flooding monsoon rains.  Over the next months, with the help of a minimum local staff we built 36  stone houses with wooden doors  and window frames and strong tin roofs. The community of  Thamu Chamaudia (Barbara’s Model Village) was born.  We persuaded the Nepalese Government to give Lal pujas to the house owners so they also owned the land on which the houses were built.

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