Naitik ra Artik Kranti



Initially the Barbara Peace Foundation wished to create a situation where the young people of Nepal had a real alternative to going to work overseas by having funded work in the villages. Three volunteers were encouraged to do this and so the Young Volunteer Programme was started. Unfortunately, while these young people made a profound difference to the areas where they volunteered this activity was just too costly for the Barbara Peace Foundation to continue with.

The Barbara Peace Foundation then turned to Emergency Relief, providing household items such as pots and pans and bedding for people who had nothing, and as a result of this got involved in building houses for homeless Dalits. To create a sustainable environment it arranged training in organic farming, set up micro-credit schemes and in one village extended the school. The Barbara Peace Foundation is now being asked to build and staff a health post in one of the villages. Subject to additional funds the Barbara Peace Foundation would like to do this.

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