Naitik ra Artik Kranti


We are actively seeking funding from individuals or funding organisations for a health post plus medical staff which has been requested in one of the villages. You can pay by SWIFT on line or by wired bank transfer:

Account Name: Barbara Peace Foundation – Nepal

Account Number: 0210017551860


Bank: Nabil Bank Ltd, Nabil Center, Beena Marga, Tindhara, Durbar Marg, Katmandhu, Nepal

Please use the contact form to send us a message telling us you are sending money and Barbara will get back to you.

  • $500 (£300) builds a simple house
  • $1500 (£900) pays for a worker in the field for a year
  • $4000 (£2500) pays the annual salary of the Project Manager
  • $4800 (£3000) pays the annual salary of a doctor in a health post
  • $15000 (£10000) builds a health post in a village

We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of:

Christopher Gierke, a German businessman who has lived and worked in Nepal for many years.

Ian Martin who headed UNMIN in Kathmandu during the peace process and who loves Nepal and is devoted to its welfare.

Sangita Shrestha from the uniquely Nepali style Dwarika Hotel
 in Kathmandu, whose owners are active in organic farming and many other social causes.

The Rev And Mrs. Donald McKinney and the residents of Peconic Landing a retirement village in Eastern Long Island, whom we offer heartfelt thanks for their support.

Ed Booth, a nuclear physicist living in Long Island

Jan Nicholson, a prominent business woman in New York City

Barbara Adams Founder Chairman of Barbara Peace Foundation