Naitik ra Artik Kranti


Dhani Rani Sunar said she had spent most of her life living a transient existence in various forests and various caves. “Even my son was born in a cave” she said. Now suddenly I can live in a real house, and feel as though I have a new life!

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Surush Bhool a 23 year old Dalit youth reminisced how he had never had the kind of childhood which most Nepali children enjoy. “We have been living hand to mouth since I can remember, with my father seeking seasonal work in India to try to feed my family, consisting of 8 brothers and sisters. I remember often being hungry for days and unable to attend formal school because of my caste and the discrimination in the Far West.

His father,  the only breadwinner in the family became disabled, so when he was 13 his uncle decided to take him to India to work.    He worked there for ten years until one day his father telephoned him and told him about BPF’s activities in the village including teaching organic farming and building houses .and acquiring land for homeless,  landless dalits.  “My father told me that I should return immediately because the life of the homeless dalits in the village was completely changed, thanks to the efforts of the Barbara Peace Foundation.”  “Now  I have a new and beautiful house and have started an organic garden.  With the money I saved in India I have opened a small shop which serves my fellow villagers and I feel like I have a new and beautiful life! Thank you Barbara!


“In my 53 years of life I never owned any land nor had a fixed place to live. I had to shift my family and kids from place to place at least ten times. Now, thanks to BPF I have a home and a little land for a kitchen garden. I slept well for the first time in my life, last night, knowing that at last I had a home!” said Sundar Bhool


Rami Aod, a woman with nine children -three of whom died “for lack of care” said she never dreamed she would own a house and land. “Thank you God and Barbara Peace Foundation” she said.